This is a thermostable live attenuated vaccine meant to control Newcastle disease (ND) in local chicken. Newcastle Disease is a major problem in the development of local chickens as it causes high mortality rate (up to 90%) and sometimes devastates whole flocks during outbreaks. Control of ND in local chickens in the past had very limited success as most of the vaccines used were heat sensitive and supplied in large doses vials not affordable for most rural farmers. Also the vaccines were thermolabile requiring cold chain system for their distribution that is lacking or deficient in most rural areas. This obstacle is now overcome through the development of a thermotolerant ND vaccine (I-2). The vaccine is affordable and packed in small vials containing 400 doses of which one dose is a single drop administered in one eye. This pack suffices the needs of most local chicken keepers considering the number of chicken normally kept in the household. This vaccine is easily administered by eye droppers, effective and sustainable and can be without refrigeration for up to three weeks. In order for the chicken to be protected, three vaccinations are required and to be given at interval of every four months. In the pilot study conducted in Singida from (2002–2005) and more recently (2009-2010) through the Southern Africa Newcastle Disease Control Project (SANDCP) and ND Control Regional Project respectively,Tanzania has done well in the control of ND in village chickens by sustaining three times vaccination regimen in a year. Given the pilot successes, the demand for expansion of the service is proving to be necessary in order to control ND in Tanzania and therefore increased production to a large quantity.