This is a dead bacterial vaccine meant to control Black quarter (BQ) in cattle, sheep and goat. Black quarter is a major disease of ruminants in Tanzania and may cause up to 60% mortality in livestock. Control of BQ in endemic areas in the past had very limited success as vaccine was not readily available, expensive and required importation. This obstacle is now overcome through the development of a vaccine we make from our local strain. Successes in control of disease are mentioned in Kwimba, Maswa and Kahama where the disease outbreaks had been occurring yearly and now the vaccine is used. The vaccine is affordable and packed in battles of 100ml containing 50 doses of which one dose is 2ml. This suffices the needs of most livestock keepers considering the herd size of most household. This vaccine is effective and administered by subcutaneous injection. The vaccine confers immunity for one year and therefore animals need to get annual boosters. This requires sustainable production of the vaccine to enable availability in the market. The vaccine requires cold chain for storage.