The following are Traps and Targets available at TVLA

These are devices that are developed to catch and kill tsetse flies in order to control trypanosomosis. They are made resembling shape of animal and of clothes of two colours which are black and ocean blue. The clothes choice is due to visual attraction of tsetse to the colours. During deployment the iron rods or tree sticks are used to shape the traps and targets and stabilize them on the ground. Traps and targets are normally put together with attractants which release the smell like that of animals to attract tsetse on the trap or target. Traps and targets are deployed and attractants are positioned on the direction of the wind to reach the tsetse resting and hiding places. Traps are made in such a way that the tsetse flies caught are collected in the cone at the apex of the trap. Traps are mainly for catching tsetse for sampling the population during surveys for baseline data and monitoring while targets are cloth screens impregnated with insecticides and are meant for killing tsetse flies landing on them during control. The traps and targets are used during tsetse control programmed to reduce the population prior to eradication phase. They are used in tsetse infested areas, areas surrounding reserved areas and in reserved areas. The use of traps and targets has shown a remarkable success in reducing tsetse population in the infested areas. Therefore, there is a need to continue using these devices for sustainable trypanosomosis control in the country.

Types of Traps

  • Monoconical;
  • Pyramidal;
  • Biconical;
  • H-trap;
  • NGU;
  • S-trap;
  • NZI; and
  • Tanga Scoop trap.


Target sizes

  • 0.5m Blue x 0.5m Black
  • 1m Blue x 1m Black
  • 0.75m Blue x 0.75m Black