Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency, we also have an Animal Feed Laboratory.


Feed testing can be used to balance rations and assess the need for nutrient supplements, which are critical for efficient livestock production. Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory agency – Animal feeds Laboratory offers a variety of analytical test to help your business or farm to become more profitable. Our analysis packages are designed to give you the nutritional and quality information required for decision of formulation and quality product.

Tests available in Animal Feeds Laboratory

·         Near Infra -Red Reflectance Spectrophotometer (NIRS

·         Soya been quality test

·         Ash and ash insoluble test

·         DM and moisture test

·         Crude fat test

·         Mineral test in  (Soil, feeds, Plants and Forages)

Services available in Animal Feeds Laboratory

·         Sample drying and grinding

·         Particle size test

·         Feed formulation testing

·         Training courses

  1. Sample collection for feed-millers
  2. Understanding testing results
  3. Feed formulations