Born on the 29th June 1962, He is a registered veterinary surgeon over 20 years of working experience.He has served the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Development and Co-operatives and thereafter the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development. He is a Principal Veterinary Research Officer (PVRO ), National Veterinary Laboratory Focal point (FAO Eastern Africa) and Quality Assurance Manager – TVLA

Dr Masambu has a Diploma in Animal Production – (UAC, 1987); Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree (SUA, 1991); Postgraduate Certificate in Laboratory Diagnosis of Poultry Diseases (University of Osaka Prefecture – Japan, 1996); Postgraduate Certificate in Diagnosis, Control and Prevention of Tropical Livestock diseases (University of Zambia – School of Veterinary Medicine, 2000); Certificate of Specialization in Diagnosis of Animal Diseases (CIRAD – emvt, FRANCE, 2002); Advanced Certificate in Microcomputer Applications (UDSM Computing Centre, 2005); The Degree of Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (SUA, 2009).

His work experience has involved training, diagnosis and research on animal diseases. From 1991 – 1997: As District Veterinary Officer, Work experience involved Veterinary extension services. 1998 – 2011: As a Researcher and Diagnostician. January 2012 – Up to date: Establishment of Quality Management System at CVL and CIDB.

Disease Surveillance of animal diseases targeting for control and eradication of zoonotic and transboundary animal diseases (TADs). My experience includes Rinderpest eradication in Tanzania, Avian Influenza surveillance, and surveillance of other TADs such RVF, PPR, Newcastle Disease, FMD and African swine fever


Research activities leading to recent publications include those under the following titles:

A Cross-sectional study on African Swine Fever (ASF) in domestic pigs in Northern Tanzania (2005); (ii) Molecular Diagnosis and Epidemiology of African Swine Fever Outbreaks in Tanzania (2006); (iii) Genetic Characterization of African Swine Fever Viruses from a 2008 outbreak in Tanzania (2008); (iv) Epidemiological Study on the status of Rift Valley Fever in Livestock in Iringa and Mvomero districts in Tanzania (2009); (v) Occurrence of Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) serotypes in Tanzania: A retrospective study of tongue epithelial tissue samples submitted from 1997 – 2004 (2009).

Function Of Quality Assurance Unit

To define standards for biological products, diagnostic preparations and operations, vaccines and immune sera relating to animals and to provide, standard technical procedures for other activities included in the Terrestrial and Aquatic Code.