Head of Unit Petro Kawenda Musigula

Acting Head of Procurement Management Unit (PMU)

Holder of MBA-PLM (MU-2004), CSP (NBMM-1986), NMMD (NBMM-1984), NABOCE (NBAA-1980)

He is a registered Authorized Supplies Officer/Stock Verifier (NBMM-1986) and Authorized Procurement and Supplies Professional (PSPTB-2011) and Computer Literate –Microcomputer Application (UDSM-Computing Centre-2009). 


Objective of the unit is to provide expertise and services in procurement, storage and supply of goods and services for the TVLA.


This Unit performs the following activities:-

(i)  Advise the Management on matters pertaining to the procurement of goods and services and logistics management;

(ii)   Monitor adherence to procurement process and procedures as per Public Procurement Act;

(iii)  Develop an annual procurement Plan for the Ministry;

(iv)  Procure, maintain and manage supplies, materials and services to support the logistical requirements of the Ministry;

(v)  Maintain and monitor distribution of office supplies and materials;

(vi)   Maintain and update inventory of goods, supplies and materials;

(vii)  Provide Secretariat services to the Ministerial Tender Board as per Public Procurement Act;

(viii)  Set specifications/standards for goods and services procured and monitor adherence to them to ensure value for money; and

(ix)   Prepare action plan, progress reports and budgets for the Unit.


Functions of Procurement Management Unit:-    

  1. Over all responsible for managing all procurement and supplies processes and disposal activities of TVLA;
  2. To plan and coordinate the procurement of goods, works, services and fixed assets activities ;
  3. To advise management on rules pertaining to the procurement of goods, works and services;
  4. To advise management on rules pertaining to effective inventory control and public stores;
  5. To recommend procurement and disposal by tender procedures;
  6. To check and review technical specifications requirements;
  7. To check and review service activities statements of requirements;
  8. To check and review Terms of Reference (TOR) and prepare Expression of Interest(EOI’s);
  9. To prepare tendering documents;
  10. To prepare advertisements of tender opportunities;
  11. To prepare contract documents;
  12. To issue approved contract documents;
  13. To support the functioning of the Tender Board and Secretariat to the Tender Board;
  14. To prepare monthly reports for the tender board;
  15. To maintain an archive records of the procurement and disposal process;
  16. To maintain a list or register of all contracts awarded;
  17. To maintain the fixed assets and master inventory registers;
  18. To prepare and submit to the management meeting quarterly reports on the implementation of the annual procurement plan;
  19. To manage the public store and maintain stores records and;
  20. Prepare other reports as may be required from time to time